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Audiological Services

Department of Audiology strives to provide the finest professional service for the persons with hearing difficulties .It is dedicated to provide patient centered evidence based clinical best practice service for all who are in communication and hearing needs. We have a of professionally qualified and certified, experienced audiology team deliver diagnostic and rehabilitation service in a congenial environment.

The institute conducts Audiological evaluation for the entire range of affected population from newborn to elderly clients. QISH is equipped with state of art advanced Audiological equipment and uses a test battery to arrive at clinical diagnosis.

Audiological services at QISH includes case history taking, Pediatric Diagnostic test such as (Behavioral Observation Audiomerty , Play Audiometry etc) , Pure tone Audiometry(PTA), Immitance Audiometry, Acoustic reflex , Otto acoustic emission, Hearing Aid Trail and fitting, Verification and validation of hearing aid, REM etc.

Audiological Services

With the help of highly experienced and trained professionals we provide the following services in our audiology unit.

Paediatric Diagnostic Test Battery comprises of the following

Behavioral Observation Audiometry
Conditioned Audiometry
Immittance Audiometry with Acoustic reflexes
Oto Acoustic Emission
Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

The following services are offered for adults along with Comprehensive hearing evaluation

Pure tone Audiometry
Speech Audiometry
Immitance Audiometry with Acoustic reflexes

Paediatric Diagnostic Test Battery comprises of the following

Our other services for childrens and adults are as follows

Detection of infant hearing impairment
Hearing aid trial and fitting followed by aided Audiometry
Hearing aid bank for dispensing hearing aids
earing aid battery sales

Hearing aid evaluation and fitting
Occupational hearing conservation
Personal hearing protection

Hearing Aid Trial & Fitting

A hearing aid is a small electronic device that you wear in or behind your ear. It makes some sounds louder so that a person with hearing loss can listen, communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities. A hearing aid can help people hear more in both quiet and noisy situations. However, only about one out of five people who would benefit from a hearing aid actually uses one.

A hearing aid has three basic parts: a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. The hearing aid receives sound through a microphone, which converts the sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier. The amplifier increases the power of the signals and then sends them to the ear through a speaker. Hearing aids are primarily useful in improving the hearing and speech comprehension of people who have hearing loss that results from damage to the small sensory cells in the inner ear, called hair cells. This type of hearing loss is called sensorineural hearing loss. The damage can occur as a result of disease, aging, or injury from noise or certain medicines.

A hearing aid magnifies sound vibrations entering the ear. Surviving hair cells detect the larger vibrations and convert them into neural signals that are passed along to the brain. The greater the damage to a person’s hair cells, the more severe the hearing loss, and the greater the hearing aid amplification needed to make up the difference. However, there are practical limits to the amount of amplification a hearing aid can provide. In addition, if the inner ear is too damaged, even large vibrations will not be converted into neural signals. In this situation, a hearing aid would be ineffective.

Hearing Aid Repair & Analysis

Electro acoustic analysis of hearing aids is carried out prior to dispensing and is also done following hearing aid repairs. Servicing of hearing aids is also available.

Hearing Aid Trial & Fitting

To get an individually fitted hearing aid, it is necessary to make a casting of the ear canal to ensure that the ear mould fits perfectly. No two ears are alike and especially children need to have new ear moulds made regularly as their ears grow and mature.

While the technology is advancing, styling and design is deemed to be of great importance, as well. The hearing aids must look attractive and be as small and unobtrusive or stylish as possible. Colour choices and different shapes are now available to suit your personal style. To get the best possible hearing aid for you it is essential that you seek the professional help and advice of a hearing aid dispenser. QISH provides the best in the market available.


A case that who is successfully fitted with a hearing aid is later counseled regarding care and maintenance of the hearing aid, use of residual hearing and amplification and effective use of alternate modes

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