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Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy department at QISH specialized in the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder, sensory-motor deficits, learning disability and other developmental disorders. Our highly experienced and certified occupational therapists talk/discuss with each child’s family to set goals and strategies to meet individual need in day to day life at home, at school and within the society.

Our complete professionals are well versed with the latest occupational therapy trends and equipment.

Children that we see may show weakness in the areas of sensory processing and modulation, oral motor skills, feeding, handwriting, visual motor abilities, perceptual skills, motor planning, self-care performance, muscle strength, postural stability and fine and gross motor skills. We incorporate variety of standardized assessment and evidence based therapy approaches.

Who do we serve?

Occupational therapy services assist children and adults to overcome limitations caused by illness, injury, psychological/emotional difficulties.

Paediatric Program

We Provide a medically sound, child centred, and family friendly rehabilitation experience to children, from birth to age eighteen. The program utilizes paediatric therapy professionals. These professionals’ plan age appropriate evaluation and short-term therapy to maximize each child's functional potential and facilitate age appropriate functional activities.

Condition We Treat

Developmental delay/Prematurity
Erb’s Palsy/Brachial Plexus Injury
Feeding/eating concerns
Neurological disorders (cerebral palsy)
Neuromuscular disorders
Problems with fine motor / coordination
Problems with handwriting
Problems with self care (i.e. dressing, bathing, grooming)
Sensory Integration dysfunction
Upper extremity fractures
Autism / PDD
Down Syndrome
Genetic syndromes

Skill We Address

Hand writing
Visual tracking (e.g., reading and scanning)
Self-help (e.g., dressing, feeding and self care)
Play and environment exploration
Coordination training
Concentration and attention

Our Approach

We incorporate variety of standardized assessment tools and evidence based therapy approaches.


Peabody developmental assessment scale
Sensory profile
Minnesota Handwriting Assessment tool
Beery VMI
Carolina curriculum for infants & toddlers/ preschoolers


Combined sensory integration & Neuro developmental therapy
Sensory Integration (SI)
Handwriting without Tears (HWT)
Bilateral Coordination and Motor Planning
Brain Gym
Splinting & kinesio taping

Adult Occupational Therapy Services

Adult OT Services provide rehabilitation and support aimed at improving quality of life of older people. A multi disciplinary team of health professionals provides need based treatment programs for patients. Occupational therapist can help adults achieve maximal independence in self-care, home management and community activities through motor, cognitive and sensory re-education.

Conditions We Treat

Traumatic injury (brain or spinal injury, burns, hand injury).
Chronic illness (cancer, heart disease).
Neurological conditions (stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease).
Age related conditions (arthritis, changes in thinking skills).

Skill We Address

Sensory, Motor and cognitive retraining
Training or retraining daily living skills such as personal care, cooking, dressing, feeding.
Environmental assessment including home, & community access.
Equipment prescription including bathroom equipment, wheelchairs, seating.
Energy conservation /joint protection techniques
Splint fabrication and Kinesio taping
Promotion of involvement in a healthy lifestyle.


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