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Psychology Department

Psychology department at QISH provides specialized services primarily clinical psychology, psycho educational and neuro-psych rehabilitation – psychological assessment, psychotherapies, diagnosis of mental health problems and their management. We serve people in all walks of life – children, adolescence, adults and old age.

Common Concerns Addressed

Developmental/childhood disorders (Autism, Learning Disabilities…)
Intellectual disabilities
Cognitive impairment
Behavioral and emotional disorders of children and adolescence (ADHD, conduct disorder, Social and Emotional disorders…)
Disorders of adult personality and behavior
Mood & affective disorder and somatoform disorders
Anxiety and stress related disorders
Disorders due to psychoactive substance use (alcohol and drug abuse)
Eating disorders, sleep disorders
Memory impairments
Amnesic and other geriatric conditions
Interpersonal concerns ( family & work related issues)

Common services available

Psychological Assessment
IQ assessment
Achievement assessment
Socio- emotional assessment
Personality assessment
Psycho-educational assessmentC
Behavioral assessment
Memory assessment
Cognitive assessment

Psychological Intervention/Therapeutic
Cognitive behavior therapy
Behavior modification
Attention enhancement training
Memory training
Social skill training
Stress management
Relaxation therapy
Anger management
Parental training and education
Outreach programs- school and family visit and other community based rehabilitation We offer intervention both in individual and group setting

Psychological conditions unlike physical conditions can’t be seen. However they are very important for the healthy functioning and well being of the individual.
The right intervention at the right time is crucial for growth and development.
It is emphasized that with conditions like autism, ADHD and other childhood disorders, the earlier the intervention, the better the results.


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